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National Symbols

The Flag

ecuadorian flag

The inspiration and design for the Republic of Ecuador's flag came from the well known forerunner of South American Independence, General Francisco Miranda. It was then adopted by the Republics of Ecuador, Colombia, and Venezuela. These three countries formed a confederation from 1822 until 1830, the year in which they each became separate nations.

The flag has remained the same for the three sovereign states with only slight differences distinguishing one flag from the others. The Ecuadorian flag has three horizontal stripes which from the bottom up are red, blue, and yellow.

The yellow stripe is twice as wide as the red and blue ones. The symbolism of the colors is as follows:
Red stands for the blood shed by the soldiers and martyrs of the independence battles.
Blue represents the color of the sea and sky.
Yellow symbolizes the abundance and fertility of the crops and land.

The Coat of Arms

ecuadorian coat of arms

The Coat of Arms of Ecuador was given to the country at the National Congress of 1900. In the shape of heart, the Coat of Arms rests on a bundle of sheaves which is the Republic's insignia for dignity.

Four flags adorn the outer part of the Coat of Arms. The palm and laurel branches between them symbolize victory. The condor perched at the top offers the country shelter and protection under its outstretched wings and stands ready to strike out against any enemy. Aries, Taurus, Gemini, and Cancer represent parts of the Zodiac. The Sun takes its place in the middle of these signs corresponding to March, April, May, and June, months which are historically significant to Ecuadorians. In the background is the majestic Chimborazo Mountain rising to a lovely blue sky. The highest in the Andes Range, this mountain unites with the Guayas River, formed from its snows, to give us the brotherhood of the Sierra and the Coast. In the lower foreground, the steamboat "Guayas" is seen crossing the wide river. This boat, which began service on October 9, 1841, was constructed by Vicente Rocafuerte and was the first of its kind in Ecuador and South America. The mast consists of a rod with two wings at the top and two snakes encircling it. This is the sign of the caduceus which symbolizes accord and trade.

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